Shoots and edits 4K video and photography in NYC

Studio Info —

VIVEREO is the New York City-based production company of commercial filmmaker and photographer Anthony Umina.




Who We Are

We are a high-quality video production company located in Greenpoint Brooklyn that actively works with our client’s budgets (large or small). We film and edit 4K video and assist our clients in the development of high impact videos that fulfill their specific needs. We offer a full range of production services from beginning to end: concept development, preproduction (planning), production (filming), and post-production (video editing, color correction, and audio equalization).  We also offer a range of photographic and videographic services for events and promotions, photo and video editing services, and Blu-ray authoring.

Please reach out to us today and inquire about how we can best meet your needs. 


Anthony Umina

Anthony Umina

Anthony has 8 years of experience in film production, a degree in motion picture and television production, and a certificate in film production from the Scottsdale School of Film and Theater. He has produced and directed films, commercials, music videos, and weddings. He has worked in California, Phoenix Arizona, Austin Texas, and currently New York City.